The University of St Andrews

Scotland's oldest university

Founded in the fifteenth century, St Andrews is the third oldest University in the English speaking world and one of the world’s leading research institutions.

London Alumni Club

Community of alumni in London

The University of St Andrews Alumni Club of London brings together graduates, friends, and supporters of Scotland’s oldest and most renowned university through unique social, cultural, and professional opportunities in the New York area. The Alumni Club of London organizes events throughout the year, acting as a liaison between the University and its esteemed London alumni.

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Saint Connect

University of St Andrews mentoring platform

If you are a University of St Andrews alumni and would be interested in becoming involved as an Investor, Entrepreneur or Mentor, please join our group on Saint Connect.

This platform brings together alumni and current students to facilitate networking and create industry discussion groups. Whether you are a current student looking to learn about a particular industry and network with alumni, or you are a graduate interested in keeping up to date with alumni activities or provide advice to students, Saint Connect is a resource for you to stay connected.